Wanted Skies: The Space Nazi - Space Western MMORPG Universe
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The Saga of
Wanted Skies

Since the end of World War II, the disappearance of over two hundred thousand Reich Troops, including the very fate of Führer Adolf Hitler, remained a mystery.

On the 100th year anniversary marking the end of World War II, humanity's darkest secrets resurrect from the skies. Those in defiance of the 4th Reich are branded fugitives, and subject to off-world settlement.

The struggle of supremacy between the Reich and the Patriot factions reach beyond countless Worlds. The Earth, the human race, and this time the very galaxy, are now all up for grabs.

The Overture Campaigns

Players are invited to help shape the storyline of Wanted Skies by participating in the above three prelude campaigns. These campaigns will set up the stage for, what is to become, the persistent universe to the infinite, multi-timeline MMORPG of Wanted Skies.